Akras Industries, was established in 1982 by two visionary brothers, Bill and Simon Akras. They embarked on a humble venture, laying the foundation for a legacy that continues to thrive today. From their origins working at F Schmitt & Sons in Abbotsford and Richmond, they then forged their own path, establishing a workshop at 7 Airlie Avenue, Dandenong.

With a commitment to precision and quality, they emerged as leaders, servicing the chemical, petrochemical, paper and pulp, mining, and food industries. Specialising in welding and fabrication of high nickel alloys and various specialised materials. Their meticulous attention to detail established Akras as a trusted name and craftsmen in the industry. The company evolved and grew significantly moving in 1991, to their current workshop at 21 Union Road, Dandenong South. This move was a testament to their growth and evolution, a journey that continues to unfold.

Akras is proudly Australian-owned and family-run. Simon, one of the founding brothers, remains as a director and oversees the quality of our work. His dedication extends to teaching the next generation of welders, passing down the precision and skill of welding high nickel alloys.

Today, Michael and Katherine, representing the succeeding generation, proudly carry forward the business. Maintaining the original commitment and philosophy of craftsmanship and quality, but now taking the business into the future by innovating to the complex and changing needs of businesses.

We invite you to connect with us, to explore how Akras can help you. Whether you seek to discuss project requisites, engineer, or design custom solutions, we’re here to help realize your vision.

Akras Brothers Melbourne 1960’s