The Hydro Hoist is a hydraulically operated pool hoist designed exclusively for hydrotherapy patients. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, it simplifies the hydrotherapy experience and has been assisting patients since the 1960’s.

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Design:

The Hydro Hoist features a robust surgical stainless steel frame, ensuring it withstands the demanding environment of hydrotherapy pools while resisting corrosion.

Tailored Comfort:

We offer a variety of adjustable and fixed cradle/chair designs to cater to individual patient needs. Customization ensures both comfort and support during hydrotherapy sessions.

Two Options:

  • Fully Automated Hydro Hoist: Patients can operate it independently, enhancing their sense of control during hydrotherapy.
  • Standard Hydro Hoist: Ideal for assisted sessions, it’s controlled by an attendant/physiotherapist, with adaptable placement for ease of access.

Safety and Convenience:

Patient safety and convenience are paramount. The Hydro Hoist prioritizes both, making hydrotherapy sessions safer and more comfortable for patients and caregivers alike.

Trust in Hydrotherapy Equipment:

  • Designed by Akras Industries, a reputable Australian-owned family business with a history of excellence.
  • Our focus on premium materials and meticulous manufacturing is reflected in the Hydro Hoist.
  • The product adheres to strict quality standards, with ISO 9001 certification underlining our commitment to excellence.