Duplex Stainless Steel 2507 – used to store liquid chemicals.

Our experienced tank and vessel team designs and manufactures liquid storage and processing tanks to fit your business requirements. We use the latest design software tools to produce a wide range of stainless-steel tanks for consumable and non-consumable products.

We at Akras have over 40 year experience and track record of supplying some of the largest industrial clients in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Energy, Mining, Brewing, Water & Environment Industries.

Our design and manufacturing expertise, combined with world class welding equipment which includes an orbital welder ensure the quality and long-life performance of our tanks.

Many of our tanks are still in use, 40 years after we fabricated them! Although the technology we use has changed dramatically in those 40 years, the care, attention to detail and relentless quality control we put into each tank has not. Each tank is a project in its own right; we don’t have a production line mentality.
Our tanks & vessels are designed for optimal performance. We are ASSDA Accredited & ISO9001 Certified.

AKRAS can custom design and fabricate stainless steel vessels to your needs, using various grades such as 304, 316, Duplex, Inconel and other exotic materials. No challenge is too large or too complex.

To discuss the fabrication of your next chemical storage tank, contact AKRAS today.