Hastelloy C276 – used to clean fumes for the burning of waste.

For decades, AKRAS has manufactured industrial scrubbers that have provided our clients an effective means of purifying exhaust streams produced in manufacturing plants, power stations and other industrial facilities. Our modern-day scrubbers can remove pollutants more effectively than ever before. The pollutant passes through the Scrubber where it is stripped of its harmful contaminants before being released into the environment.

By using an industrial scrubber that offers the right capabilities, you can keep harmful pollutants from being harmful to the environment and human health.

At Akras Industries, we manufacture scrubbers recognized for their superior corrosion resistance with minimal maintenance. This ensures your scrubber will have longevity. In our workshop we have fabricated superior yet simple scrubbers in appropriate materials including Hastelloy C276 & Super Duplex 2507, with optimized features to suit your specific application.

All our products are engineered according to industry requirements & all our welds are 100% inspected and tested to make sure they last.

To discuss the manufacture of your next industrial scrubber project, contact AKRAS today.